Sunday, 8 June 2014

football in the rain

The other half helps organise a football tournament every year to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice in memory of his friend Ken. We usually have fabulous weather. This year we had the wettest day in the history of the world ever. Like from heavy rain to torrential downpours then back to heavy rain. For the whole 4 hours.
Thank god for the chap who brought a pop up tent. I think it was meant to be for the players to keep their stuff in. But we stole it and made it into the VIP tent. We could still see a bit of the football...but to be honest once you've seen one game of old blokes playing football in the rain you've seen them all.
We were glad to get to the pub afterwards. 
....And then the sun came out!


  1. Ofcourse the sun came out when you got to the pub. Stay dry MJ

    1. ha ha! good timing MJ, who wants to watch football anyway ;) xx