Friday, 24 August 2012

summer on the sofa

My friend is a teacher.
She has had a lovely summer.
Her kids are old enough to entertain themselves.
Her house is spotless.
All her jobs are up to date.
She has sat on her sofa a lot this summer.
She is nice and relaxed.
I am not a teacher.
And my children don't entertain themselves much.
So my arse has not even touched our sofa this summer.
I have juggled the kids and work... and my house is a tip.
I am knackered.
I can't wait for September.
I'm not diss-ing the kids.
They are lovely.
I'm just saying...
Six weeks is too long.


  1. i know...I'm not sure i will make it to the end...another week to an extra 2 days 'teacher planning days !!' What !! They have had 6 flaming weeks to plan...jeez....sorry.....rant over !!

  2. I agree, six weeks is much too long for a scHool holiday!

    I just discovered your blog, love it!

  3. I love how you tell it as it is :)))) Always makes me laugh!